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HM 80+ Carbon Masts


High Modulus 80+ Carbon Masts for Hydrofoils & Surf Foiling

Introducing Cloud 9 Surf Foils' latest innovation – the HM+ Carbon Masts, engineered for exceptional performance, unmatched speed, and enhanced durability.

Boasting a remarkable +22% increase in bending stiffness and an impressive +36% increase in torsional strength, our new carbon masts redefine the standards of foiling excellence.

Constructed with the revolutionary "HM+" material and an optimized composite layer layup, the mast underwent meticulous testing with a custom code, exploring tens of thousands of possibilities to achieve the optimal weight-to-strength ratio.

Weighing in at a mere 1515g, our HM+ Carbon Masts deliver a significant weight reduction of 315g, ensuring a lighter, more agile foiling experience. The shift from a wood core to a foam core further enhances weight savings without compromising strength.

Utilizing advanced 3D CFD simulation, we refined every design aspect, including the Leading Edge and trailing edge angles, resulting in a mast profile specifically engineered for reduced drag and ventilation prevention. Experience up to a 16% reduction in drag at top speed, exclusively with our new carbon mast.

Choose from two sizes to match your foiling style and preferences:

  • 31.5" 80cm: A versatile allrounder suitable for every discipline.
  • 35.5" 90cm: Provides extra length to tackle choppy waters or take on big drops, offering an elevated foiling experience.

Upgrade your foiling adventure by pairing your chosen HM+ Carbon Mast with an FS-Series Carbon Wing, tailored to your style, weight, and discipline. Redefine your limits with Cloud 9 Surf Foils.

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