Cloud 9 Surf Foils


Aspect Ratio: 8.7
Projected Area: 850cm2 /
Wing Span: 86cm / 34”
When designing the FS850 the goal was to create our F28 on Crack! We still wanted it to rip hard in the surf but really wanted it to be faster, a lot faster. Not only did we achieve this goal but we ended up with a whole lot more bang for our buck. The FS850 has performed beyond our expectations. Here are some of those key features:
  • Positive front foot pressure on the board gives you better feedback and control from the foil when pressing and carving through the turns.
  • Tons of lift which makes getting up on foil super easy for a wing of this size. Perfect for getting up on downwinders and winging.
  • Handles the speed very well and has incredible low-end, it stays up at slower speeds without dropping off foil.
  • It easily recovers from breaches and ventilation is almost none existent as it sheds the air bubbles off at lightning speed.
  • Ripping the tips out has become something fun and easy to do as the wing seamlessly maintains control throughout the turn.

Tail wing sold separately.

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