Cloud 9 Surf Foils


Aspect Ratio: 8.4
Projected Area: 1350cm2 / 209in.sq.
Wing Span: 107 cm / 42.25”
The FS1350, our Dark side edition. With its lower profile to increase top end and our signature cord provides the low end you'd expect from Cloud9.
We've designed the FS1350 to target the downwind sector and the winding market its amazing to feel the difference.
The unique design allows it to rollover much easier than other wing of similar size. It has amazing low end, carries great speed and wants to glide forever. It will allow you to have the best experience when it comes to light wind wing foiling as it gets up on foil in the most marginal conditions. It tacks up wind effortlessly and easily connects the bumps downwind without ever having to power up the wing. It’s an excellent choice for dock starts, chasing down boat wakes, or learning how to unlock the secrets to downwind foiling.

Tail wing sold separately.

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