Cloud 9 Surf Foils

Carbon Foil Packages


Product Description

The X Series Surf Wings have all been designed to be exceptional carving wings in surf.  


Fuselage: 29.5" Carbon
Mast: 30" Carbon with integral base plate.
Hardware: Stainless steel Screws, Wrench and shims

X32 Front Wing: 32" span, surface area 266 sq inch or 1720 sq cm

X28 Front Wing: 28" span, surface area 219 sq inch or 1414 sq cm

X24 Front Wing: 24" span, surface area 176 sq inch or 1138 sq cm

X22 Front Wing: 22" span, surface area 140 sq inch or 906 sq cm

X14 Rear Wing: 14" (35cm). Surface Area: 307cm2

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