Cloud 9 Surf Foils


The all NEW Cloud9 V3 offers smooth, stable, and a balanced delivery of power. We took everything we learned about our previous model the V2 and applied those improvements to the V3.
  • We started by refining the wing profile and Leading Edge (LE), increased the tension to the canopy making the wing even smoother and more efficient through the air.
  • Redesigned the handles making them more rigid so the wing feels even more responsive in your hands. We dialed in the sweet spot which improved the balance and gave you increased comfort minimizing arm fatigue.
  • Added a low profile long strap/handle for one handed flying options. This opens the door for one handed jumps, tricks and different riding styles.
  • Doubled the diameter on the inflation hose that connects to the strut so it makes breaking down and packing up go a lot faster.
  • Rotated the inflation hose 45 degrees so it now runs across the LE. This helps anchor the head of the bladder to the top of the strut keeping it from accidentally dropping down when deflated causing blow outs to the bladder.
  • Changed the air intake valve so you no longer need fittings on your pump hose. Now you simply attach the hose directly to the intake valve.
  • Included harness line attachment points on the strut and improved the wrist leash by adding a swivel to eliminate tangling.

We also expanded our new line with the introduction of two more wing sizes the 7.5m and the 2.8m. The 7.5m has already become very popular within our local community by turning those super light wind days that we didn’t think possible to ride, into more fun and time spent on the water. For its size the 7.5m feels very nimble and offers plenty of grunt. Its compact wing design is only 8” wider than our 6m making pumping up on foil a lot easier and helps minimizes the wing tips from dragging through the water. A nice addition to have for any wing quiver.

The 2.8m is our smallest wing in the line up. It’s designed for those “Victory at Sea” kind of days! We wanted something that gave you that “Hail Mary” or that “Last ditch Effort” for when the conditions really come unglued. That’s why the 2.8m comes with some new innovations from Cloud9. We designed four vent flaps that run across the back of the canopy. They can be easily opened and closed while on the water. This reduces the overall footprint of the wing and let’s you fly an even smaller wing when the flaps are open without having to scale down. When the flaps are open they also dampen that twitchy feel that small wings are known for making it more enjoyable to fly.

The goal of the v3 was to improve and refine the already successful v2.

  • Leading Edge diameter refined in order to get the wing tip to flex more and improve high end stability
  • Handle construction refined for more comfort
  • Canopy Tension improved for a more responsive pumping and handling
  • Strut and profile adjusted to create more draft and comfort

 The result is an excellent freeride wing for all discipline.

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