Cloud 9 Surf Foils

Catalyst Tail Wing


The Catalyst is a high modulus carbon one-piece tail wing. It has been designed t reduce drag and increase carry and glide. 

It improves all aspects of every style of foiling: surf foiling, wind wing, pump foiling, prone foiling and, of course, d foiling. 

The differences you'll feel:

  • The lift is a little more progressive on takeoff and once on foil, the Glide/Carry comes into play, with increased speed it will feel like you've just moved your foil into overdrive.
  • Stability is increased with the wider tips while maintaining its maneuverability 
  • The Catalyst has transformed all of our current Front Wings. We have tested it on all sizes and it's given a new dimension to each size. For example, the FS700 now pumps like an FS850 while keeping the agility of the FS700. 

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