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Stiffer, lighter, stronger and more responsive.


The SLE Ho’okipa Advantage


Ho’okipa is a composite material designed by Challenge Sailcloth which is 25% lighter and x10 stronger than traditional materials currently used in the wing market today.

By replacing the use of Dacron to our leading edge and strut with Ho’okipa we have now created a wing that is stiffer, lighter, stronger and more responsive. The weight reduction can be felt instantly making the wing highly responsive. This improves control and allows for a broader use in a wider range of wind conditions, giving the rider a huge advantage in performance.


Another benefit of using Ho’okipa is being able to inflate your wing to a significantly higher pressure, delivering more control making the wing extremely rigid. The stiffer wing frame offers a quicker response to the power delivery unlike Dacron which absorbs energy through flex. This gives it more power when compared to a wing of similar size allowing you to ride a smaller wing in the same conditions.

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