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FS (Forward Swept) High Aspect Foils: Carbon


FS Series: Forward Swept High Aspect Foils

Here at Cloud9, when we say we are coming out with something new, what we really mean is we are coming out with something fresh, innovative and unique to the industry. We focused our attention on the aggressive carving characteristics of the F Series, like our F28. We combined its forward swept trailing edge design, which allowed it to be highly responsive, with the speed, pump and glide of the latest generation of high aspect wings that are currently on the market. Our new FS (Forward Swept) High Aspect foils offer a perfect blend of performance and speed.


Aspect Ratio: 8.5

Projected Area: 550cm2 /

Wing Span: 68.5cm / 27”


The launch of our latest rocket ship the FS550 is unlike anything else out there. Everyone who’s tried it can’t believe a wing this small can offer so much. The speed, control and maneuverability remain unmatched. It’s the closest thing we have ever experienced to surfing, allowing you to carve as hard and as powerful as you want with control and confidence. It truly is the next level in high performance foil surfing. The speed and glide we experienced while surfing or winging on the 550 has completely blown our minds. This is definitely our go to foil when the surf or wind is up, for its size it surprisingly super efficient and gets up on foil really easy. The conditions just need to be decent.



Aspect Ratio: 8.6

Projected Area: 700cm2 /

Wing Span: 77cm / 30.5”


The FS700 is highly efficient for a wing of this size, the speed, control and maneuverability is second to none. Our goal was to design a high performance, surf machine that would allow you to seamlessly carve from rail to rail, yet be predictable and forgiving enough to ride at speed. The 30.5” wing span, aspect ratio, and forward swept design all help contribute to making this possible.



 Aspect Ratio: 8.7

Projected Area: 850cm2 /

Wing Span: 86cm / 34”


When designing the FS850 the goal was to create our F28 on Crack! We still wanted it to rip hard in the surf but really wanted it to be faster, a lot faster. Not only did we achieve this goal but we ended up with a whole lot more bang for our buck. The FS850 has performed beyond our expectations. Here are some of those key features:

  • Positive front foot pressure on the board gives you better feedback and control from the foil when pressing and carving through the turns.
  • Tons of lift which makes getting up on foil super easy for a wing of this size. Perfect for getting up on downwinders and winging.
  • Handles the speed very well and has incredible low-end, it stays up at slower speeds without dropping off foil.
  • It easily recovers from breaches and ventilation is almost none existent as it sheds the air bubbles off at lightning speed.
  • Ripping the tips out has become something fun and easy to do as the wing seamlessly maintains control throughout the turn.



Aspect Ratio: 8.5

Projected Area: 1000cm2 /

Wing Span: 92cm / 36.3”


The FS1000 is a super fun and forgiving wing to ride whether SUP, prone, downwind or winging. It has tons of glide and gets up on foil with ease. Unlike a lot of other high aspect wings on the market today our new FS Series have amazing range and offer incredible low end. This wing really excels in small surf, connecting bumps and light wind yet still handles the speed when the conditions ramp up.



Aspect Ratio: 8.5

Projected Area: 1150cm2 /

Wing Span: 99cm / 39”


The FS1150 is the largest foil in our series. If you’re looking to pump and glide with minimal effort, go long distances, then this is the wing for you. With a wing span of 39” this foil is still very forgiving, stable and easy to ride.

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