Cloud 9 Surf Foils

F-Series Full Carbon Foil Package: Carbon Mast, Carbon Fuselage, Carbon Wings


The F-Series (froth) quiver. A fresh new outlook on the high aspect wing with a design that up, until now, could only be found throughout nature. Our cutting edge, think outside the box approach has produced something very special, something that feels absolutely incredible to ride. Each wing, a perfectly balanced blend of high aspect and low aspect. These wings deliver small, low aspect wing performance with the speed, pump and glide of a high aspect wing. Fast, fun, versatile and easy to fly. So if you like sweet buttery, lightning fast, high speed turns with glide then this is the wing for you.

For more information on foil wing sizes click here.

Each foil package includes: Front and rear wings, wing covers, 30"/76cm Mast 27"/69cm Mast cover, Fuselage with multiple hole settings for tail adjustment, Travel Case  34"/86.3cm x 14"/35.5cm x 7"/17.7cm which can hold up to 3 wings under 34" inches in length, Plastic tackle box to hold all Torx screws, wrench and four T-nuts. 

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