F-Series foil wing descriptions


Wing Span: 24” / 60.96cm
Projected Area: 127sq.in / 819cm2
The F24 is fast, loose, and highly responsive. This wing is the closest thing to that feeling of surfing. It feels like you’re ripping around on a shortboard but going 20mph. The small yet highly efficient wing design allows it to be extremely aggressive when you just want to cut loose and let it rip without having to hold back. For someone roughly 185lbs, this wing may be borderline too small when it comes to pumping back out, but if exiting the wave with speed, it can allow you to connect and link waves. 


Wing Span: 28” / 71.12cm
Projected Area: 149sq.in. / 961cm2
In just one word: WOW!!! 
The F28 feels like a hot knife through butter. It is super smooth and lightning fast and will literally blow your mind. This wing is very quick and carries incredible speed down the line and through the turns. It is big enough for someone at 185 lbs to pump back out with ease and confidence when trying to link waves. For such a small wing, it is incredibly efficient and performs well even in the smallest of surf conditions.


Wing Span: 32” / 81.28cm
Projected Area: 175sq.in. / 1129cm2
The F32 is an absolute must have for any dream quiver. This is a fresh new outlook on the high aspect wing with a design that up until now could only be found throughout nature. Our cutting edge, think outside the box approach has produced something very special, something that feels absolutely incredible to ride. It’s a perfectly balanced blend of high aspect and low aspect. This wing delivers a small, low aspect wing performance with the speed, pump and glide of a high aspect wing. We anticipate this wing will be our top selling wing because of how fun, easy and versatile it is to fly. 
For someone at 185lbs., this wing handles anything up to about head high. Anything bigger and there is a little too much lift on the drops. You actually need to bleed off the speed before you can start banking into those sweet buttery, lightning fast, high speed turns. 


Wing Span: 38” / 96.52cm
Projected Area: 207sq.in / 1336cm2
The F38 is a high speed, swell seeking missile. It’s the ultimate downwind, open ocean glider. It carries incredible speed, links swells and waves with minimal effort. It’s revolutionary wing design gives it early lift, amazing acceleration and increased maneuverability. You don’t have to start all over again and re-learn how to foil with these wings. They are very comfortable and very predictable right out of the gate. 


Wing Span: 42” / 106.68cm
Projected Area: 251sq.in. / 1619cm2
The F42 is the big brother to our F38. It offers more glide, lift and will catches just about anything. It’s the ultimate wave catching magnet especially for those super tiny, gutless days when you just need to get wet and fly around. Having this wing in your quiver will ensure that you will never get skunked again. This wing was primarily designed for the bigger rider who wants to do downwinders and glide across the open ocean at speed. With a 42” wing span this wing does takes more input from the rider to lay into turns. It is definitely not as maneuverable as the F38 but for open ocean it works absolutely amazing!

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